The Business School

The Business School at Humber delivers high-demand programs that are current and relevant. We offer over 38 programs (from finance to fashion) covering more than a dozen fields (from accounting to golf) with a broad range of credentials (from degrees to postgraduate certificates) that are reflective of the new business landscape.

Notable Alumni

from the The Business School

Jade Jager Clark

Owner and Artistic Director, Jade’s Hip Hop Academy
Fashion Arts, 2007

At the age of 18, Jade Jager Clark opened her own business, Jade’s Hip Hop Academy. Her multi-faceted career includes being an artistic director, choreographer, teacher and businesswoman. Her students are... Read more

Anthony Longo

Humber College, 2000

Anthony Longo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Longo's, has established quality, freshness and service as hallmarks of his grocery store chain, now comprising 12 stores. In 1999, through a partnership with, Longo's became the... Read more

Sabrina Rubli

Founding Director, Femme International
International Development, 2013

Sabrina Rubli took a “light bulb moment” as a student and created a clear, simple plan with the potential to create real change for women in developing communities.

It started when Rubli and her classmate... Read more

Gordon Schofield

Founding Partner, Murphy Business Canada; Owner/President Commerce Harbor Inc.
Business Administration, 1976

President & CEO of Commerce Harbor Inc, and partner/investor in Murphy Business, Gordon Schofield is a 40-year veteran in the business world. His vast experience includes... Read more

Ron Suter

Marketing, 1981
Executive Vice-President, NBCUniversal Television &
New Media Distribution Canada

Ron Suter is known as a visionary trailblazer in his industry, playing a key role in redrawing the map of the Canadian Television Landscape. As EVP of NBCUniversal Television... Read more



Launch of the Business School


In 1965 the Business School launched with a diploma in general business. And in 50 years, it has grown to 38 programs, including the first postgraduate program in the college system.



Humber’s first International Partnership with Ningbo University


The Business School crossed borders into China and developed the first international partnership. Ningbo University would become the longest standing international partner.



Opening of the Fashion Institute at Lakeshore Campus


The Business School broke ground with the Fashion Institute at Lakeshore Campus. The opening was celebrated with an on location interview with Jeanne Beker and Bonnie Brooks.



Acceptance of Humber into the Osgoode Cup Competition


2011 marked the acceptance of Humber into the Osgoode Cup, proving that our students could compete and win in the university arena.



Launch of the Centre For Entrepreneurship


The Business School unleashed it's entrepreneurial spirit, with the launch of the Centre For Entrepreneurship, a beacon for students, that any goal is achievable.