Humber International

Humber has a reputation for being one of Canada’s most diverse, comprehensive, and exciting colleges—a leader in postsecondary education that offers something for everyone. More than 29,000 full-time students, including 3,800 international students from 100+ countries are pursuing bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and postgraduate certificates in 180 programs on two main campuses in Toronto. Over 23,000 part-time students also choose Humber for ESL programs, short-term certificates, online education, and much more.



Launch of the Humber Ningbo Partnership

Humber Ningbo Partnership

The Humber-Ningbo program, which began in 1996, is the college’s longest-standing international partnership and has produced more than 2,000 graduates.



Growth of International student body

Humber International Students

In 1998, Humber increased its support of international students. Today, Humber’s student body includes 4,700 students from over 120 countries around the world.



Launch of Humber's Study Abroad program

Humber Study Abroad Students

Launched in 2008, the study abroad program gives students the opportunity to learn about their area of study in a different country. Humber faculty organize and lead trips ensuring unforgettable experiences for the students.



Approval of Humber's SEDS program in Indonesia

Humber SEDS Program in Indonesia

Humber’s SEDS Program has been the largest international development project to date. It has launched many entrepreneurially-minded students into starting their own businesses, which has had a positive impact on the Indonesian economy.



Humber wins gold for its Internationalization strategy

Humber Wins Gold for its Internationalization Strategy

In 2015, Colleges and Institute Canada recognized Humber for its outstanding internationalization strategy. Humber believes that this strategy is key to providing students with a well-rounded, diverse education.