School of Health Sciences

At the School of Health Sciences, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with students to help them become skilled, adaptable, compassionate and career ready graduates. Our faculty experts reinforce excellence and a commitment to social justice and transformation as students train to work across a range of careers in the healthcare field. Teaching and learning is student-centred with emphasis on technological innovation, diversity and integrated community and clinical collaborations. State-of-the-art facilities enhance learning giving students a solid foundation for field placement experience.

Notable Alumni

from the School of Health Sciences

Allan Cole

Owner & President, MacKinnon & Bowes Ltd.
Funeral Service Education, 1978

Job description: operates Canada’s leading specialist in the movement of deceased persons throughout the world. Of note: first civilian mortuary affairs director with the Department of National Defence... Read more

Linda Dacres

Health Sciences
Coordinator and Nurse Practitioner, 2008

A trailblazer in Ontario’s health system – one of the province’s first registered Nurse Practitioners, Linda has worked closely with provincial and federal governments, regulatory bodies, colleges, universities and hospitals... Read more

Dr. Martin A. J. McNamara

Health Sciences Award
Humber College, 1999

Two-time graduate of Humber College, Martin McNamara has dedicated almost twenty-five years to the advancement of pre-hospital emergency care. Now an ER Physician with Huronia District Hospital, Martin started in Ambulance and Emergency... Read more

Vince Savoia

Executive Director, Tema Conter Memorial Trust Foundation
Paramedic, 1982
Law & Security Administration, 1981

For men and women in justice, emergency and military services, tragic events are a daily occurrence – and many have difficulty coping with the aftermath.

In... Read more

Rahul Singh

Founder and Director, Emergency Programs with GlobalMedic
Paramedic, 1993

Paramedic, Rahul Singh, is the founder and director of emergency programs at GlobalMedic, an organization providing efficient and cost effective disaster relief. He has led more than 50... Read more



Nursing offered at a college level

In 1969 Humber opened it's doors to education in nursing. The first community college to do this in Ontario.



First trip to Guatemala

Health Sciences students embark on an inter-professional journey to Guatemala, a tremendous experiential learning experience.



The new F-Wing

Humber's F Wing offers state-of-the-art labs, that make our graduates career ready. Integrated work-learning environments bring our labs to life.



Introduction of new programs

Humber is the first publicly-funded postsecondary institution in Ontario to offer a comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine program.



New Childcare Centre

Humber students gain experience in a real live daycare setting of the future. It boasts natural playgrounds, in which students can develop hands-on programs for the children..