School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

We are proud to say that we are a part of every student’s experience at Humber, whether you are enrolled in one of our programs directly or through one of the seven other schools at Humber. We offer courses in English, Professional Communications, Math, Literature, Social Sciences, Humanities, Science, and many more discipline areas that are at the core of a polytechnic education. Our faculty are dedicated to providing you with an opportunity to explore curriculum that will enhance your academic, personal and professional life through a combined focus on an applied and liberal education. We are the education that you take with you, no matter where your path may lead you.

Notable Alumni

from the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Jamil Jivani

Jamil Jivani is a Canadian social entrepreneur and community organizer. He is the founder of the Policing Literacy Initiative, co-founder of Teachers Beyond the Classroom, and a 2014-15 articling student at Torys LLP.

Jivani was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in the Greater Toronto... Read more



Opening of the Queensway Campus

Queensway 1968

With the opening of the Queensway Campus, we have help many students and community members turn their dreams into reality.



Start of the League for Innovations Literary Competition

League for Innovations Literary Competition

The Department of English, launched the League for Innovations Literary Competition.This brought great authors like Timothy Findley, Peter Robinson, and Andre Alexis to our classrooms.



Opening of the Math and Writing Centre

Math Centre 1990

Annually, over twenty-seven thousand students walk through the Math and Writing Centre’s doors, seeking to strengthen their math and writing skills through workshops, tutoring and tutorials.



Launch of The President's Lecture Series

The President's Lecture series 2003

The President's Lecture series brought notable figures like Stephen Lewis, David Onley, and Geoff Pevere to our campuses, encouraging academic discourse and dialogue amongst faculty and staff.



Dr. Dan Andreae donates $250,000

Dr. Dan Andreae and President Chris Whitaker

In 2014 Dr. Dan Andreae donated $250,000 in support of the Dr. Dan Andreae Scholarships, an endowment that will fund three awards for students taking courses in the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences.